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Filmmaker and Storyteller

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About me

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Hello!  My name is Audra Esper.  Videographer, Photographer, World Wanderer, and Washed-Up Soccer Player.

My passion is helping others to creatively tell their story through visual media.  I am always up for a new challenge (especially in this ever changing, ever-evolving multi-media and social media world).  I have completed projects large and small.  From collaborating with large organizations in order to achieve compliance and workforce alignment, to helping nonprofits get the word out for fundraising.


I am extremely enthusiastic when it comes to creating multimedia that can be consumed through all various platforms.  In today's world, everyone carries a phone.  So that means that impactful, meaningful, and easy-to-digest videography and photography can have an immediate impact to organizations (both internally and externally).  In many cases, it can set the tone of the culture and vision moving forward!  I would love to help be a part of your journey!  


Let's get after it!



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